Kangabbie South Australian Marron
Marron Ponds Marron Freshwater Crayfish Cow at Farm

Kangabbie Farm SA Marron has been producing Marron since 1996. It is one of a handful of South Australian Marron farms producing one of the largest and most flavoursome freshwater crayfish in the world.

We are a significant South Australian producer situated approximately 45km south of the Adelaide CBD. Our Marron are produced in outdoor earthen ponds and are selectively bred for vitality, size and colour. Our Marron are clean, healthy, parasite and disease free. Prior to shipping all our Marron are purged to ensure you get the best possible product. Over the years we have produced Marron for both the domestic and international markets and are building our farm to meet this increasing demand.

We are careful custodians of our local environment utilising sustainable production practices and approximately half our farm devoted to conservation.

We grade our Marron into the following categories for sale. Please contact us to receive a current price list.